Half-Ironman Triathlon

Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

May 27th, 2001


Visiting the Volcano

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The Triathlon

5:30am preparations

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The Swim- 1.2 miles

On the way out...

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...and back in to shore...

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But wait! One straggler trying to find land!

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He's close,

But let's send some guidance just in case he starts heading out to sea again...

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Here he comes! He's made it!

IMG_0847.JPG (158845 bytes)

...And he was worried about finding his bike!!!

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On to 56 miles of Biking through the lava fields...

 IMG_0849.JPG (125043 bytes)

...and then the 13-mile Run starting in the 'Pit'...

...and finally some 7 hours and 52 minutes later...

IMG_0851.JPG (149122 bytes)

Wrong way! Wrong way!

IMG_0853.JPG (224009 bytes)

Now that's better! Now wasn't that easy?

IMG_0854.JPG (193344 bytes)

Anyone want to go hiking?

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